Rug sizing and placement can make or break the room décor in any room. Choosing the right size rug is essential to making a room look its best. When selecting a rug, consider the various layout options. Just make sure that they complement the space appropriately! Picking the right rug size will also help define the area and make it feel more cohesive. Most importantly, it enhances the overall acoustics of the space! Below are the three best tips for the most used rooms in your home.

Living Room

All legs on the rug – The key to styling your seating area on top of a large rug is to ensure that the rug extends at least six inches past each piece of furniture.

Front legs on the rug – Tuck the rug under the front legs of your sofa and chairs to keep your seating area unified. The back legs of the sofa can be situated on or off of the rug, depending on personal preference.

All legs off the rug – If you’re working with a smaller room (or smaller budget), consider a rug that floats in the center of your seating arrangement.


All furniture on the rug – We recommend rugs 8′ x 10′ or larger if placing king or queen sized beds with adjacent nightstands on the rug. It is best not to allow the rug to encroach upon any main walkways and, when possible, leave a minimum of 2 feet of soft rug underfoot around the bed.

Just the bed on the rug – If you have attractive flooring but want to add some cushioning for comfort, tuck a 6′ x 9′ rug under the bed just up to the nightstands so that only the lower two thirds of the bed sits on the rug.

Runners on each side of the bed – This flexible choice works for spaces and beds of all sizes. You can place the runners completely under the nightstand, or go with a shorter 3′ x 5′ rug placed a few inches in front of the nightstand on each side of the bed. The rug or runner should be a bit wider than your nightstand.

Dining Room

Table for 6 – Best to use an 8′ x 10’ rug.

Table for 8+ – Best to use a 9’ x 12’ rug.

Round table – Best to use an 8′ round rug.


Open kitchen – Best to use a 5’ x 8’ rug.

Narrow kitchen – Best to use a 2.5’ x 8’ rug.

Whether you are placing a rug in your living room, kitchen or dining room, you should make sure that the space represents you. Having a rug that compliments your style is rewarding and fun! Define your room with an area rug that fits you from Floorology! Contact us for help with rug sizing!