Why Care?

Is your shower leaking or have you heard a horror story from someone else? Most often, it happens because an unqualified person performed the work. Not only can a leaking shower damage the bathroom, but it also can damage the room below it. This can become a huge hassle, leaving you spending more money than you expected.

What Should You Look Out For?

Do you already suspect that your shower is leaking? There are a few distinct things to look out for. The ceiling in the room below you may have water stains and/or water dripping. This could have multiple causes but a common cause is incorrectly installed waterproofing on the curb, bench, niches, and seats. Additionally, look to see if the flooring just outside the shower is wet, damp, and/or discolored. This could be caused by an improperly installed shower liner. Below are a few more problems to watch out for:

    • The tile on the curb is cracked and/or loose.

    • The grout is cracking or there are mineral deposits.

    • The walls next to the curb are deteriorating.

    • The shower has a terrible odor.

Be aware that there are temporary fixes out there claiming to fix the leak. Any grout or caulking repair/replacement or the application of a sealant falls into this category. However, these are truly meant to be temporary. The only true elimination of a leak is to have it completely replaced with the proper equipment meant to keep everything dry.

What Now?

Given these points, there are a few things you should check regularly to see if you have a leak. Look at the shower control valve and/or the pipe to the shower head, water supply lines, along with the drain and trap. These are all common causes of leaks.

All in all, seeking out a qualified contractor is essential to save your bathroom. Qualified professionals will use industry standards and approved best practices for the shower installation. Additionally, they will follow the strict manufacturer’s specifications and instructions. Lastly, it is important to remember: A shower that has been properly installed will direct the flow of water to the drain and nowhere else. If you have any more questions visit the National Tile Contractors Association.