What do your eyes naturally gravitate towards when walking into a living room? A sofa that makes a natural centerpiece with its captivating beauty. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a sofa. Just like people, what’s inside matters and Floorology has the best!

DO research the frame construction: A sturdy frame is what makes the sofa last a lifetime.

DON’T pick a sofa without testing it first: Trying out a sofa before taking it home guarantees a happy purchase. 

DO decide which style suits you best: Do you like straight and modern lines or rolled arms and tufting?

DON’T feel like everything needs to match: Mixing up fabrics can help create a cohesive style without being too matchy.

DO choose the right fabric for your lifestyle: Do you have a high traffic area that a white sofa wouldn’t be able to withstand?

DON’T use up all your space: There should be breathing room on each side of the sofa.

The best approach to designing a sofa is from the ground up. Understand the basics of the construction before working out the finer details such as color and fabric. Everyone has their own individual style, and the possibilities are endless! What to add just the right amount of color? Consider adding accent pillows that match the seasons. Designing a sofa is fun and easy! Start designing yours here: Custom Upholstery Furniture | Stain Resistant Furniture | Rowe Furniture.